User Testing Transcript

How are you today?

Great, great…all things considered.

Have any plans for Thanksgiving…going anywhere?

Yes, I’m going to visit family in Connecticut.

Ha! We are both going in the same direction with lots of traffic.

I know, it’s the worst traveling time of the year, but I’m used to it.

Well, I won’t hold you too long. First I want to thank you for taking the time in this holiday period to do this, and as I mentioned at the end, you will receive a $25 Babies R’ Us gift card.

Before we begin, I want to ask you some basic demographic information to cover all bases.

What is your occupation?

I am a full time childcare provider and work in the infant room.

What is a full day look like for you?

I sign in and straighten up the room when I first get in to the daycare. Then, I wait for the parents and the children to come in to greet them. Most of my time is determined by the babies needs. If the weather is nice, we take the babies outside for fresh air at 10:00am. I changed the babies frequently…usual every hour. I feed whenever they gesture that they are hungry. We give the babies playtime or read a book. We then wait for the parents to pick them up. That is pretty much my day. Haha!

Thank you for that. During your workday, do you interact with a computer, phone, or tablet?

Not really.

Are you comfortable in using a computer, smartphone, or tablet?

I feel I can do the basic word processing stuff and I am comfortable with my smartphone. I have an old Kindle Reader too.

What kind of smartphone do you have?

Galaxy S5

What are your favorite apps on the Galaxy S5?

I like Pinterest, Waze…um…Facebook, I guess, and Instagram.

Why do you like Pinterest?

Um…it is able to save all my favorite recipes and does well categorizing them.

With all the apps you have chosen as your favorite, they are mostly image-based, is that important to you?

Do you mean the images?

Yes, the images.

I never really thought about it, but it is nice to see things, um, like on Pinterest, I can see the dish that the recipe is said to make. Instagram is all pictures from my friends and family. I post my finished dishes on there too.

Great. Thank you again for this. Now I would like to present a series of mock-ups for the daycare application. These are supposed to be different screens in the application and because this is the starting point, it is not interactive. I would like to get your initial feedback now before we get into the interactive programming. Is that okay?

Yes, that is fine.

Wonderful! Before we start, do you have any questions for me?

Not right now.

Ok, lastly, just to be clear, this is a test of the application, not a test of you. Therefore, you can be as brutally honest as you would like.

This is the first thing you may see when you install the app from the Google play store, what would you do from here:

I would press the Facebook Login button.

If this dialogue box appears after you press the Facebook Login button, what would you think about this?

It is kind of blocky, hehe!

This is just a low-graphic mockup, but it is important to know that you care about the look.

Okay, I would press the blue button to help the application.

Thank you. Now, this is a screen that appears after you have logged in. All the parents have uploaded pictures of their babies, what are your thoughts on this?

I really like the images of the children. That stands out. I would assume this is the sign-in page for each baby. It looks like this last image is cut off, so that looks a bit strange. It is kind of difficult to see Olivia’s name, maybe because of her background. But, hehe…I feel like the names should be there…hehe, ‘cause some kids look a like although they are not related. I hate to say it.

No, no…that is good to know. Is there anything you would change about this page?

It is pretty clear what this is for. Maybe the buttons can be a little different.

Can you speak on that a bit more?

I don’t know, I’m not the best artist or anything but I think the buttons could look a little more…um...sleek [inaudible] different color.

Okay, great, that is what we are looking for. Last screen, what do you make of this?

[17 second pause]. This is a page with four different buttons.

What do you expect to happen when you click on any one of those buttons?

[Brings the mouse to the Diaper button] This should go to a page that shows different diaper changes. I’m not sure, is that right?

That is correct, it will take you to another page that will show you the times of each diaper change. It will be automated based on when you press the button. In other words, it is like a timestamp.

That’s nice. What if I accidentally press it?

We will have an undo or delete for it.

Well Melissa, I want to thank you so much for this. It will go along way in helping me on this project. Kindly tell your co-workers as well that I am looking to recruit others for a similar type of screening.

Test Subject

I recruited a daycare worker who did not want to be recorded, partly because English is her second language and she may have been self-conscious of that. To note: I did clean up some of the grammar for the transcript. Other than that, she was 27 years old, which is my daycare worker’s ideal age. Melissa also obtained a Masters degree in child psychology. She is also semi-technically literate and has a smart phone. This is also along the lines of my persona.

I figured since my target audience are women who either have children or are dealing with babies that I would “bribe” them with a Babies R’ Us gift card for their time and honesty.


What did you think of the idea of this application?

I love the idea and think it would useful. It seem like it would be simple.

Was there anything that stood out to you?

Big pictures, like the last screen. I thought that was pretty cool looking.

Is there anything that you would improve or add?

It is hard to say now since it is not interactive. As I said, I feel like the buttons could be a different color, hehe [hand over mouth].

For this last screen do you think it was overwhelming? Too busy, I mean?

No, I like the big picture. Actually, I like the color of those buttons. [Melissa smiles]

UI Changes

  1. There are things that I will change immediately. The buttons will certainly be changed on both the sign in screen and I will touch up the Activity screen as well.
  2. I will make sure the dialogue boxes are sleek and modern looking.
  3. I will make sure all images are sharp and high resolution.
  4. I will make sure the text color will be visible based on the background of the images.